Friday, March 23, 2007


This blog is planned to record the process of renovating a row house owned by myself and my fiancee. The house, built in 1906 in the Ledroit Park Section of Washington, DC, was repeatedly (and poorly) renovated over the years. When I purchased it five years ago it was an interesting combination of nice and disastrous (windows made of plexiglass in some rooms, basement flooded when washer turned on, etc).

We have made a number of improvements ourselves - finishing the basement, restoring the hardwood floors, etc - but have decided to contract with an architect, Studio 27 Architecture ( to completely renovate the top (fourth) floor, which currently 'features' ceilings that slope down to about 5'5" (I am 6'3"), a leaky roof, a deteriorating deck, and inadequate heating. Studio 27 took measurements yesterday; progress will begin shortly.

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Peg said...

Good luck on your next project - sounds great